Is Nomad Capitalist a scam?


Andrew Henderson is a marketer who runs Youtube SEO and email drip campaigns to funnel clients into his “consulting” scheme.  You’ll be promised a highly-customized and fully catered strategy and you’ll literally get a PDF full of information that’s readily available everywhere.  You will talk to Andrew twice via Skype and then you will literally never hear from him again.  The remainder of your experience with Nomad Capitalist will be handled by a young, Serbian woman named Jovana whose sole job is to get you to send them more money.

Here’s some of the quotes that you’ll receive from his many drip campaign emails designed to get you to send him first round of payment.

I promise that this call will be entirely different than anything you've done before... which is exactly why my process works for the right people.
What he means by “the right people” is if you are willing write checks to Andrew for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Each month we receive a lot of applications. In fact, last month we reviewed over 3,100 applications from people who think they want to work with Nomad Capitalist. Out of those, we ended up working with a handful of people. And this absolute nugget of bullshit:

Once again, congratulations for being accepted for your Nomad Capitalist Strategy Call, and welcome to the "Mercedes" of internationalization.
How the scam works
If the analogy is an old, outdated car that is a money pit for you indefinitely, then I totally agree this is the Mercedes of internationalization.  Much of his suggestions are too dated to be useful.  Opening a bank account / business in Hong Kong isn’t really applicable for foreigners at this point.

In order to get to a 1-1 meeting you’ll need to send him $500 to be able to book an appointment for meeting 1.  If you end up paying the additional $8500 you’ll be able to get a total of 3 hours of Andrew’s time spread across three, one hour Skype calls  (only on Tuesdays since he works 1 day a week).
At this point if you want to continue it’ll cost between $60,000 and $100,000 to setup his suggestions, not including the cost of setting up residencies which can be enormous.

All of your interactions are now with his Serbian assistant Jovana. You will never hear from Andrew again.

There’s some good info in the PDF but it’s not any different than what you can get from reading his blog.  His investment suggestions are a joke, Georgian Real Estate (most of his suggestions involve Georgia FYI), precious metals, etc.  All of his suggestions involve you renouncing whatever your citizenship.

Save your money, hire an actual lawyer and not a marketer.